Industrial Wipes

We manufacture private label wipes to meet the needs of various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and more. Products can be customised to meet specific requirements, such as wipe size, wipe material, packaging, formula, and scent.

Industrial wipes are used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, machinery, tools, equipment and hands. We offer an affordable and effective solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the work environment.

Ultimate performance

All our industrial wipes have been specifically developed to provide industry workers and tradespeople with better protection and increased safety in their place of work. Fabric and formula are carefully chosen based on durability, absorbency, cleansing ability and overall value.

Our industrial wipes have been specifically formulated to tackle and remove paint, silicone, adhesives, oil, grease and more from hands, tools and surfaces.

Industrial wipes we offer include

  • Antiviral hand and surface wipes
  • Antiviral heavy duty hand and surface wipes
  • Oil & grease remover wipes
  • Paint remover wipes
  • Heavy duty textured hand and surface wipes
  • Eco friendly heavy duty wipes
  • Graffiti removal wipes
  • Glass & shiny surface cleaning wipes

Packaging types available:
Flowpack, Tub, Bucket, Refill, Individual wipe sachets.

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