Personal Care Wipes

By partnering with us for your personal care wipes, you can benefit from our expertise, extensive product and customisation options, and our commitment to sustainability, enabling you to expand your product offering and enhance your brands reputation.

Our knowledge of this area is extensive and our credibility is further enhanced by the fact we are a key supplier of personal care wipes to the National Health Service (NHS).

Continuously improving

All our personal care wipes are carefully developed by our R&D team. The team are continuously striving to enhance formulations and materials to ensure that consumers get the ultimate satisfaction in price and performance.

We provide environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional wipe materials, including biodegradable options that are free of plastic. Additionally, we offer recyclable wipes packaging, further reducing the impact of our products on the environment.

Our Personal care wipes include

  • Flushable Moist toilet wipes
  • Intimate hygiene wipes for men and women
  • Refreshing deodorant wipes
  • Hand hygiene wipes
  • Bathing wipes
  • Incontinence wipes

Packaging types available:
Flowpack, Tub, Bucket, Refill,  Individual wipe sachets.

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