Do you have minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) on wet wipes?
Yes. Our minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) vary, depending on the product specification. Contact us today to discuss your product requirements and we can advise you further. You will find that we are very flexible.

Do you offer environmentally friendly wet wipes ?
Yes. We have a variety of biodegradable and flushable substrates, a number of natural, organic and biodegradable formulations and can also offer eco friendly packaging.

Can you provide us with samples ?
Yes. We are more than happy to provide you with samples for your evaluation before we proceed to manufacturing.

We have our own formulation/liquid, can this be used in our wet wipes project ?
Yes. We do have a wide range of our own in-house formulas that have been rigorously tested but we can use your formula, if desired, subject to satisfactory test results.

We want to develop a new wet wipe product, can you help ?
Yes. We have a diverse range of wet wipes and focus on custom development and manufacturing of private label and branded wet wipes and so please do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss further.

Do you provide us with a full service ?
Yes. We develop and test the product. You issue us your artwork, we print the packaging, manufacture the final product and deliver the finished item, to your nominated warehouse, ready for market. Contact us today to discuss.

Are you able to ship products internationally ?
Yes. We are a global wet wipe manufacturer and have clients all over the world and so have vast experience of international shipping.

Can you manufacture wipes in sachets, flowpacks and tubs/buckets?
Yes. We can manufacture wet wipes in all types of packaging formats. Contact us today to discuss further.


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